The steps below are for students seeking to enroll in credit programs that lead to the completion of associate degrees, certificates, and career studies certificates. For students seeking a workforce credential, please visit the Workforce Training & Certifications page for more information and to apply.

After completing and submitting your application, you are officially admitted to MECC and will receive a student ID number and username on your confirmation page. Please make a note of this information and use it to log into MyMECC. You will need to set your password using the forgot password link on the MyMECC page to successfully log into your account. You will also be required to set up your MFA. Please refer to the MFA Instructions to complete this process. If you need assistance complete the Technology Assistant form.


(Note: See FAQs below for instructions on how to fill out the online application.)

After submitting your application, go to STEP 2 if you plan to complete a degree or certificate; otherwise, go to STEP 4 if you will be taking credit classes without pursuing a program of study.

Applying/Registering for Non-Credit Courses

For assistance enrolling in noncredit courses, please contact MECC’s Workforce Solutions at 276-523-9113 or 276-523-9114.

More Information:

High School Students Senior Citizens
Veterans, Active Duty, & Dependents Foster Care Youth
International Students Home School Students

Frequently Asked Questions

Individuals are eligible for admission to the community college if they are high school graduates or the equivalent, or if they are eighteen years of age or older and able to benefit academically from study at the community college, as demonstrated by assessment in reading, writing, and mathematics. Minimum scores are noted in the chart below:

  VPT Compass Asset
Reading ENF 1 62 35
Writing ENF 1 32 35
Math MTE 1 25 33

Exceptions to this policy may be made by the college president only for documented reasons. Students who do not meet the minimum score requirements are referred to the Dean of Student Services.

MECC reserves the right to evaluate and document special cases and to refuse or revoke admission if the college determines that the applicant or student poses a threat, is a potential danger, is significantly disruptive to the college community, or if such refusal or revocation is considered to be in the best interest of a college. MECC also reserves the right to refuse admission for applicants that have been expelled or suspended from, or determined to be a threat, potential danger or significantly disruptive by, another college. Students whose admission is revoked after enrollment must be given due process.

It is the policy of the VCCS and MECC to maintain and promote equal employment and educational opportunities without regard to race, color, sex or age (except where sex or age is a bona fide occupational qualification), religion, handicap, national origin, or other non-merit factors. Inquiries concerning the Affirmative Action Policy should be addressed to the College’s Affirmative Action Officer, whose office is located in Holton Hall and who can be reached at 276.523.7478.

Individuals may be admitted to MECC as curricular or non-curricular students.

For all curricular students, the following items are required:

  • A completed official application for admission with social security number requested.
  • Unless otherwise specified by the college, official transcripts from all high schools, colleges, and universities attended. Graduates who complete secondary school in a home school setting must provide a graduation date and may be required to provide documentation of coursework. The VCCS Student Information System academic records will be sufficient for colleges within the Virginia Community College System.
  • Additional information as stated by the college for admission to specific programs or curricula.

For all non-curricular students, a completed official application for admission is required with social security number requested.

  • Go to the VCCS Online Application for Admission.
  • Click New Users, complete the information requested and click submit.
  • If you are returning to the Application for Admission after having saved it (but not made your final submission to the college) – Click on Returning Users and enter your temporary login ID and password. Click Review to return to your application in progress.
  • Once you have submitted your final application for admission, you will not be able to make any changes. If corrections are necessary on the information you provided, you must contact the Enrollment Services Office at 276.523.2400.

Note: If you receive an error using the online application, please update your browser or use Internet Explorer.

  1. Collect all applicable documents, including social security card, military papers, and driver’s license before beginning.
  2. Providing your social security number is highly recommended. If not given, access to many college services, including financial aid, will be limited. The social security number is required when applying for financial aid.
  3. Carefully read each question. Click “?” for the directions for filling in text boxes.
  4. Complete each section.
  5. Use the left side-bar menu to view the status of each step. A green highlighted number indicates you completed that section.
  6. Clicking the Save & Continue button will save the information in the section.
  7. You will not be able to save a section that contains errors. Correct all errors before attempting to move to a new section.

Step 1: Personal Information

a. Name
Enter your current, complete legal name. Use the same format for your name when applying to multiple colleges.

b. Former Name
Enter name you used in the past.

c. Career
Select the CREDIT career when planning to enroll in classes for which you will receive college credit. Select the CNED career (Continuing Education/Workforce Development) when planning to enroll in classes identified as Noncredit or Continuing Education/Workforce Development for which you will be earning continuing education units or no college credit.

d. Term
Select the term that you would like to enroll in classes.

Step 2: Address Information

a. Mailing Address

Enter the street number and name on the first line. Enter an apartment number on the second line. Do not add both street address and P.O. Box information.

Step 3: Additional Personal Information

a. Ethnicity:
Select an ethnic group from the drop down.

b. Gender
Select your gender (Male, Female).

c. Citizenship
Select a U.S. Citizenship status.

Step 4: Educational History

High School Information

  1. Click on Edit High School.
  2. Select the appropriate high school level. If you attended or are attending a high school in the U.S. – Click Select to enter school name or search for your high school by name or state. If your high school is not listed, check the box that indicates “My high school does not appear in the list above.”
  3. Enter your graduation date or anticipated graduation date (MM/YYYY) even if your high school did not appear in the list. If you do not know the diploma type you earned, select Standard.
  4. If you are a home schooled student – You will select either Virginia or Out-of-State and enter your graduation date or anticipated graduation date.
  5. If you earned a GED – You will select either Virginia or Out-of-State and enter the date you received your GED – Award Date with Month and Year.
  6. If you attended a high school outside of the U.S. – Select Foreign High School and enter your graduation date or anticipated graduation date.

Note: Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DoDDS) outside the U.S. are considered foreign high schools for purposes of this application.

Add a College

If you attended any college – Click Add a College to enter college data. A search box will be provided for you to find your college by state and name. Click Add a College and review the information. You can edit or delete your entry. You may add up to 5 colleges attended by clicking Add a College.

If you attended a college in a foreign country. Click on the Search Box and check the box for “I attended college outside the U.S.” Enter your attendance dates and degrees earned.

If you did not attend any college – Skip to Family Educational Background.

Family Educational Background

You must select an option from the drop down box. This information is collected for statistical purposes only and has no bearing on your admission process.

Step 5: Educational Goals

a. What is your current goal?

If you want to pursue a degree, certificate or diploma – Select a plan from the drop down box. If you are currently in high school or home school, you may not select a plan to pursue a degree at this time. Select the option “I do not plan to pursue a degree at this time”.

If you do not intend to pursue a degree, certificate or diploma – Select a reason for taking classes. If you are currently in high school or home school, you must select one of these options for dual enrollment: 041, 042, 043 or 04A.

b. Types of Degrees and Certificates
See the College Catalog or contact a Counselor for details.

AA = Associate in Arts Degree; AAA = Associate in Applied Arts Degree; AAS = Associate in Applied Science Degree; AS = Associate in Science Degree; CERT = Certificate; CSC = Career Studies Certificate

Step 6: In-State Tuition


This takes you to the domicile questionnaire which will determine if you qualify for in-state or out-of-state tuition. All Virginia residents and non-residents must complete the In-State Tuition Questionnaire.

  1. In-State Tuition Questionnaire (sample) – Answer all questions that are presented to you.

b. When you complete the questionnaire, you will receive a summary of the questions and the answers you provided.

c. Confirm your answers and then select one of the following options: Continue your application, restart the questionnaire or discard your       questionnaire.

d. Select Continue Your Application to proceed to the final submission process.

e. Select Submit Application – This submission process will take a few minutes. Do not click Submit Application more than once. When the process is complete, you will receive confirmation that your application has been submitted successfully with the college and term information. Click Continue on each page for the following information:

  • Your Official Student Information SIS ID
  • Your Username and Password
  • Your Tuition Information – In-State or Out-of-State Classification
  • Special Notices – Additional documentation or information that may be required to complete your admission process.
  • Academic Information – Your assigned plan of study.
  • Application Summary – Print the application summary page so you have a record of all information associated with your application process.

If you receive an error message, it is likely you have previously applied at MECC or another VCCS college. Please contact the MECC Admissions Office at 276.523.2400 for additional information.